Battlefield Acupuncture for Chronic and Acute Pain

The Battlefield Acupuncture protocol was created by Dr. Richard Niemtzow MD, a United States military Physician, to control pain on the battlefield when western pain medications were not advisable.

The Battlefield Acupuncture protocol utilizes up to five zones on the ears in a specific order to rapidly reduce pain thresholds. The needles used are either small gauge Acupuncture needles or specialist semi-permanent gold ASP needles, which stay in the ears for a few days. Pain reduction usually starts within a few minutes and can last for hours, days, weeks or in some instances clients experience complete elimination of pain.

The beauty of this protocol is that it can be repeated often and appears to have an amplified action each time. There are no adverse side-effects and clients often report reductions in the usage of strong pain medications. The enhanced quality of life due to the reduction of pain offers many positive effects for clients.

David Whitfield, is trained in the Battlefield Acupuncture protocol and is now offering this specifically designed pain relieving treatment at the clinic.

Treatment pricelist

  • Consultation with treatment €50
  • 1 hour treatment €40
  • ½ hour treatments €25
  • Series of 5 treatments 6th free